7 things people say when they hear your Hartlepool Accent

As a proud Hartlepudlian, I thought it would be good to document some of the main things I get asked quite regularly when people hear my Hartlepool accent.  Hartlepool is an incredibly different, yet somewhat moreish kind of place.  Maybe I’m saying this because I’m from there and I’m a little biased, but I absolutely love my home town and I’m incredibly proud to tell people where I’m from.

Since moving away to University in West Yorkshire, I found that I was constantly faced with many questions when people found out where I was originally from.  Not only this, but people instinctively try to mimic my Hartlepool accent (and fail miserably).

Hartlepool Accent questions 101

Are you a Geordie?

Despite the popular belief that if you have a north-east accent, you are automatically a Geordie and brush shoulders with the likes of Cheryl Cole (who isn’t a real Geordie anyway) – surprisingly, no we are not Geordies and never claim to be.  The Hartlepool accent stands alone in it’s own right.

Ah yes Jeff Stelling?

Yes of course we know who he is! Jeff put our small town on the map via the most popular sport in the UK.  He gives the Hartlepool accent a good name and Is always singing our praises on Sky Sports. Check out what he is currently doing with regards to our hometown here. Oh, and yes – we really do support Hartlepool United. Poolie till I die.

Is that where that canoe man who faked his own death was from?

Yes – yes, in fact he was. A whole seven years of deception past before he gave up and handed himself in. Our seaside town of Seaton Carew was even nicknamed ‘Seaton Canoe’ for some time afterwards. Someone even changed the greeting sign to that too. This was pretty short lived when the council caught wind of it however.

Ah – *Insert Smug Look* – So you’re a monkey hanger?

Not personally no, but i’m sure your going to make me sit here and tell the story to you and your friends for a quick giggle. The classic line of “how stupid can you be to think he was a french spy?”, does not bode well in this conversation. Just for future reference. It’s a good job us monkey hangers have a good sense of humor.

Hartlepool? Yeah I’ve seen the garlic and chips guy on YouTube

Yes, Michael Jewson shot to stardom after that video. Even a few remixes were flying around social media for quite some time after. His Hartlepool accent was so prominent throughout the whole video – so I guess that’s why he shot to fame.  I’ve found myself being asked about this guy quite often – the internet is a funny old place.

Are you a Mackem then?

Judging by the pretty stern look on my face, no I most definitely am not. The only way you could insult me more would be if you were to ask if I’m from Darlo.  The Hartlepool accent is nothing like Scumderland’s – what are you on about???

Ooh so you love a good Parmo?

Yes, in fact the majority of Hartlepools population is pretty impartial to a parmo or seven. We cant take full recognition for this signature dish however, as it originated from our neighboring town Middlesborough. Poolies have tried and tested this wonderfully pioneering dish to the death and would most definitely point you in the right direction of where to find the most greasiest one on offer.


So, there we have it.  I’ve been a little anxious to let this post go live for quite some time – as it is so different to my usual content.  Going forward, I have decided to incorporate a lot more lifestyle posts into my blog – and what better topic to start with other than the Hartlepool accent!

I am sure that everything that I have listed is just a small proportion of everything I have been asked over the years – but do let me know in the comments below what people say to you too!

Have you ever been asked any of these questions?

Much love,

  • Aw such a fun read, personal posts like this are my favourites haha, I’m nosy! I wasn’t aware about the Hartlepool accent but I have learned so many new things from this and it made me chuckle too haha 😀 love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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