Clinique Three Step System Review

The Clinique Three Step System

Skincare is a booming industry at the minute, so it’s understandable that it’s sometimes quite hard to decide which products to use.  I had heard great things about the Clinique Three Step System, and wanted to give it a go for myself.  Unfortunately, as you may know – Clinique products can sometimes be a little pricey.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer a trial set of the Clinique Three Step System.  I opted to trial this first before I went ahead and bought everything in full size!

The products

The Clinique Three Step System consists of three luxurious products; a liquid cleanser, a clarifying lotion and a moisturiser.  To an average Joe like myself, I found it quite daunting trying to understand the purpose of each one.  Normally, I’d just cleanse my face and then moisturise – so I was eager to see what the clarifying lotion was all about.  In simple terms, the cleanser is there to first of all clean the face (as you can imagine).  The clarifying lotion then acts as an exfoliator, gently removing excess oil and revealing fresher skin.  To finish, the moisturiser is then used to create optimal moisture balance within the skin.

clinique skincare routineclinique three step system review

My thoughts

After a short consultation with the lovely counter assistant, I opted for option number two of the Clinique three step system.  This is for those designated by Clinique with skin type two: dry combination.  This was perfect for my skin, as I occasionally get a oily T-zone, however the rest of my face can sometimes appear to be a little dry.

Firstly, let me talk about the facial cleansing soap – I was pleasantly surprised.  Although when using it, it didn’t lather like I’d expect a facial washing product to do I was really impressed with how clean and fresh my face felt afterwards.

Secondly, the cleansing lotion.  I was eager to try this out as I really didn’t know what to expect.  Overall,  I was impressed with the end result of the toner, however I did find it to be quite irritating on the skin.  I wouldn’t say that I have particularly sensitive skin, however this clarifying lotion did make my skin slightly red and feel a bit stretched.  Having said this, I was really impressed with how fresh my face felt afterwards.

Finally, the moisturising step.  In terms of scent – I wasn’t that impressed.  I wouldn’t liken the scent to anything really – it was bland and somewhat odourless.  In hindsight, I guess this is with good reasoning – as I presume the moisturiser itself is going to contain less unwanted chemicals. The moisturiser itself did exactly what it proclaims to do.  It was incredibly hydrating – and really helped my particularly drier areas.  I was pleased with how well it worked on my T-zone as well, which is slightly oily from time to time.



As a trial kit – I was really impressed with the results I had after just 3 weeks of usage.  Overall, my skin was a lot clearer, brighter and the slight redness I suffer from was reduced.  I therefore went on to purchase each of these products in full size.  I’m currently using them as my everyday skincare routine both morning and night and I’m really impressed with the results.


Have you tried the Clinique three step system before?  If so – what did you think of it?

Much Love,