Lush – The Dragons Egg Review

Once again, huge apologies for my catastrophic lack of posts within the last few months. I’ve been incredibly busy in terms of my personal life and felt I needed to take a step back from everything.   I feel better for having a short period of time to myself.  With this in mind, I’m hoping to fully get back into the swing of things in the next few weeks. Blogging is something in which I can relax and exercise my often overworked brain. Moving on to the topic in hand, I decided to opt for something I love for my first post back.  If you are a regular reader here at my blog – you will already know about my undying love for Lush bath products.  This particular one is the Lush Dragons egg.

Firstly, this one may not be anything spectacular in terms of its outer exterior. Having said that, I have to say that this bath bomb blew me away.  With the odd hint of colour dotted around its outer edge, I wasn’t really expecting anything too spectacular to happen when placed in my bath.  I guess the moral of the story is not to judge a book by it’s cover.

lush dragons egg

lush dragons egg bath bomb

How does it work?

When placed in the bath, the Dragons Egg begins to start its magic straight away.  I like to place my bath bombs in the centre of the bath and let them wizz around at their own discretion.  This particular bomb takes a while to get going. Firstly it creates a luxurious creamy foam layer before moving on to show off its surprising interior.  After a couple of minutes it starts to exuberate it’s vibrant interior and creates an array of patterns and swirls around the bathtub.  Not only this, but the inside of the bomb harbours quite a large amount of glitter. This is eventually dispersed after around ten minutes of placing it in the bath.

Lush dragons egg

Overall thoughts of the Lush Dragons Egg

In my opinion, this is most definitely one of my favourites from their everyday range.  With it being around since 2013, I can only imagine that this is the case for other bath bomb fanatics like myself.  With a hefty price tag of £3.95, I can’t say I will be rushing to buy this particular bomb.  However, I would still purchase this as a one off treat, as it really is incredibly luxurious.  I would recommend to purchase this as a birthday present for a friend.

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What are your thoughts on the Lush Dragons Egg bath bomb? Have you tried this one before?

Much Love,