Buckley London Jewellery

Buckley London Jewellery

Having worked within the jewellery industry myself, I am always keen to try out different brands. This is mainly to see what else is on the market.  Buckley London was a brand I had never personally tried or tested myself. Having said this, I had seen quite a few bloggers talking about their products.  Generally, if I notice quite a lot of bloggers are talking about the same product, I assume that there is positive feedback to be heard. Or I’d assume they wouldn’t be blogging about them in the first place.


Interestingly enough, I wrote my dissertation surrounding the impact bloggers have on consumer buying patterns.  Anyway, I digress – but I would definitely like to point out how easily influenced I am by other honest blogger reviews. It would be interesting to see what your personal opinions are on this too!


The quality:

Getting back to the topic in hand, I was delighted to actually be sent a variety of different products from Buckley London’s range. First up I received the amazing ‘Katherine Royal Blue Set’* which is downright beautiful.  This particular set is also sold separately – but personally I think you would be a fool not to buy them all together.  They compliment each other so well and they instantly glam up any evening outfit.  A perfect edition to a date night meal at a restaurant.


The set itself is inclusive of a necklace, earrings and a ring.


In terms of the quality of the jewellery – I’m not sure if I’m 100% completely happy compared to its price tag.  Although each piece hasn’t faded, it is extremely light and is only silver plated.  I would be happy to part with say half of the RRP as oppose to over £70 for the full bundle.  Having said this, I am really happy with the set as a whole. I wouldn’t let this put you off purchasing.



Have you bought anything from Buckley London before? If so, let me know in the comments below…
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